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Is energy work ungodly ?

Is energy work ungodly ?

When we were created ‘In the beginning-Genesis’, we were made God’s image. He is light. Light is a physical manifestion of electricity/current/power/energy. It takes 2 bio-photons to make matter. In actual fact, God was creating the power and essence of matter for the 3D world we now exist in. His realm is the realm of the spirit, and He was creating a realm that was supposed to exist in a dual dimension: spirit and ‘flesh’ in purity, innocence, and holiness. This dual realm was built on the presumption of continued holiness.

Adam and Eve were created in His image…also light. In fact, the Bible says that they didn’t notice they were naked until they sinned. I’m sorry, but what man wouldn’t notice if a naked woman walked in front of him….there must have been something else going on.

Sex is not sin in its correct function, within the sanctity of marriage, and that is scriptural, so it makes no sense that God would have closed their eyes to their physical form. It make more sense that there was just more than that to see…light…beautiful light in an amazing array of colors that the rods and cones of our physical eyes were not created to see, but that the spiritual eyes can. When the sin of disobedience (which, in case anyone is interested, the Bible calls Adam’s sin, not Eve’s-the Bible calls her deceived, as in tricked)– their ability to see in the spirit realm was shut off. When God said that disobedience would led to their death, he meant spiritual death –the ability to see and live in the spirit realm. Now they lived completely in the realm of the physical, which God calls death because they were now separated from Him and couldn’t have a face to face relationship with him.

When they were sent out of the garden (for their protection, so that they would not eat from the tree of life and live forever in this com- pletely physical realm, forever separate from Him who is Life, they were in a state of electrical imbalance. Their spiritual awareness was dead, so they could not see their color imbalances to correct themselves with the correct energy from the trees in the garden-pure whole food.

So along comes Eve with her first tummy ache or whatever. She mentions her strange feelings and discomfort to Adam, who may remember that whenever they ate certain foods, the colors realigned and became pure white again…Eve ate and became well, so Adame made sure to write down what his memories were.

Now, obviously, this is not in the Bible. This is purely my conjecture. However, even if I’m slightly out in how it ‘looked’, I believe something like this must have been what happened. I have no problem with those of you who think this is a leap in the dark…er…light…I can’t prove it. However, Jesus himself complimented the Bereans who ‘searched the scriptures to see if things were so’…they did not search the scriptures to see if things were NOT so…anyone can bend the scriptures to see if things are not so, but you can’t make the scriptures say something is actually so unless it’s actually written as ‘so’! Hope I’m making myself clear.

Now, when we fast forward to the time of Noah and the ark, and we read that it took him 120 years to build the ark, then it stands to reason that he had a lot of time to think… I’m just of normal intelligence, but if I can see that it would be pretty obvious that certain preparations would have to be made…buy an extra wood stove, or whatever, since it might take them a while to build a corner store! Bring whatever how-to ‘books’ they might have had…including medical books/slates…what have you… Fast forward to after the flood, and we have a full fledged Chinese medical system built up within about a couple of centuries to fit in with out timeline of China. This is not possible in any other context, unless Noah brought TCM with him! I believe that Adam was the first to draw the meridians and pics of the energy swirls that abound in Chinese medical drawings. This fits historically when you consider that Adam lived 930 + yrs (just 50 or so yrs less than the oldest man recorded in history: Methuselah).. in fact

Adam was still alive when Noah’s daddy was born, so a lot of Noah’s family stories would have included stories of the Garden of Eden as if you Mom or Dad had heard it directly from Adam. I don’t think we take the time to put these things together…this is so cool! Now, how come a Traditional Chinese Medicine, and not Japanese, or English, or whatever. Well, now I have to remind you of the Tower of Babel, where God confused the languages. Thru history we see that the Egyptians and the Mayans all built pyramids. However, the Egyptians went on to build more sophisticated pyramids, while the Mayans built the same old same old. I would like to suggest to possibility that when God confused the languages, He gave the Egyptian language to the master builders/architects while giving the Mayan Language to the workers. They could build, but couldn’t grow in their craft, as the Egyptians obviously did. Therefore we could conclude that those with a more medicinal frame of reference could have been given the Chinese language. Remember, the whole point of giving languages was to confuse the people…they were given a high intelligence, and God rewired them with languages. I would also like to suggest He did more than that…why do you think men and women don’t understand each other, or why do you think that if you put 10 designers into a room they will come up with 11 different opinions…(shrug-just a thought).

Another point the Bible makes is that people didn’t want anything to do with God in the sense of being responsible to Him for anything. So the Chinese, working with energy, made up their own ‘stories’ of why these things worked, and began to worship their own gods rather than the one true God. If we believe that God is the Creator, and satan can’t create, only copy to a limited degree, then we have to realize that if we have energy/meridians/chakras, then God created them. As with else about us, we have a choice on how to work with them. We can choose to look at pornography with our eyes or watch something edifying. We can work with our energy recognizing that it is a created part of us, giving honor and glory to the One who made this possible. In all things acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.

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