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Sacred jewelry – Icelandic Design

Through out the years I have been advising people in the usage of crystals and stones. I have now started making sacred jewelry, necklaces and bracelets by special order for each individual.
If there is anything in particular you want your sacred jewelry to assist you, or your loved one, with on life’s path – for example, expressing your true self, success, healing, intuition you can request that and I will work with the crystals to accomplish that.

The sacred jewelry is made of natural gemstones.
No two pieces are the same!

To order send in your full name and date of birth.

Græðari - HealerUmbreyting - TransformationInnri fegurð - Inner beautyÆðri sannleikurStyrkurinn í jafnvæginu - The strength in balanceOrkustöðvar - ChakrasVernd - ProtectionVelgengni - SuccessHjartaflæði - HeartflowViska Móður JarðarÆðri sannleikurKat CrambletHerdís

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