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Smá pistill frá Edwin

Tuesday, 23. December 2014


We are closing in on Christmas and these days can have different meaning for people depending on culture, religion or tradition. This is my first Christmas in Iceland and it’s fun to see traditions differ from the way I’m used to in Holland. I remember a special occasion when I was in Birma during Christmas. Birma is a Buddhist country but they too celebrate Christmas; having children going from house to house singing Christmas songs. They have a different understanding but one thing resonated in the way they celebrated which I like to mention: compassion.

Compassion is the emotional response of caring for and wanting to help those who are suffering.



“Compassion may have evolved in humans to foster altruistic acts that increase survival of kin as well as nonkin. Such acts include enhancing the welfare of vulnerable offspring, promoting intimate bonds between partners, and facilitating cooperation among genetically unrelated strangers. Compassion and altruism are of great interest to philosophical and scientific inquiry because of their central role in successful societies.” (see link below)

The above I found in a research (see link at end of email) that concluded that we may be able to train ourselves into becoming more compassionate. Isn’t Christmas the perfect time to contemplate on this? Or even better, could there be a way to cultivate compassion in our day to day activities and HOW could we train ourselves?



During our beginners meditation course we will look at what the Buddhists call: Compassionate understanding. During a 10-day silent retreat in Thailand I learned a lot about the power of Compassion and I look forward sharing some of these experiences with you. We will do different exercises to get a better understanding of what compassion is and how to use it to accept the sometimes difficult circumstances we are met with in life.


As a little Christmas present I would like to offer you an affirmation to use, I think it’s very powerful and shows a lot of compassion:

                                                  I am ok, you are ok


Are you interested in knowing more about meditation? Please join us in our 6 week beginners course on meditation. We really look forward meeting with you. Next week we will send you another preview of what we will do. 

###### course details ######

Class will be in English and each course will have 6 classes, every Thursday at 20:00 for 6 weeks. We begin on january 15th :)

– total time per class is approx 60 minutes

– max 8 persons  (3 spots available now but we are taking registrations for the next course)

– costs 12.000 for course

– tutor: Edwin (Tinna joins every other week)


NEWS: We will also start a group that will focus on sensitivity and how to develop our psychic and intuitive faculties. Would you like to know more, please let us know!


(Read the full publication on: http://pss.sagepub.com/content/early/2013/05/20/0956797612469537.full )

Gefdu gjof sem gefur!

Sunday, 14. December 2014

Godan daginn kaeru vinir,

Thid verdid ad afsaka i thetta skiptid ad eg er ekki med islenskt lyklabord!

Nu fara hatidarnar ad ganga i gard og eg vona ad gledi og fridur fylgi theim fyrir sem flesta en fyrir tha sem upplifa erfidari tilfinningar sendum vid kaerleika og heilun.

Eg vil minna ykkur a ad enn er haegt ad panta serhannad halsmen eda armband ur ekta steinum og kristollum fyrir jolin – thad er mjog einstok gjof (engin 2 eins) sem heldur afram ad gefa, enda eru steinarnir thekktir fyrir fegurd og sinn heilandi matt.

Einnig er eg med gjafabref til solu – thad er frabaer gjof fyrir alla! Gjafabref i medferd er t.d frabaer gjof fyrir einstaklinginn sem setur sjalfan sig sjaldnast i fyrsta saeti en rettir ollum odrum fram hjalparhond, ja eda thann sem hefur verki fra stodkerfi (bakverki/hofudverki osfv), tha sem eru undir miklu alagi og thjast af streitu eda kvida, nu eda bara tha sem hafa ahuga a sjalfsvinnu og andlegum malum.

Ekki ma nu gleyma ad frabaer midill (Edwin) hefur tekid til starfa hja Orkulind og einnig er haegt ad fa gjafabref i slikan tima.

Gefdu gjof sem gefur um jolin :)

Ad lokum tha kemur her sma pistill med nanari upplysingum fra honum Edwin sem er kennarinn a hugleidslunamskeidinu sem byrjar nuna i januar 2015.


Recently I went to a lecture on meditation by the Tibetan Lama Tulku Sonam Rinpoche and the Lama revealed there are over more than 80.000 ‘ways’ to meditate.


Luckily the Lama had good news too; 2500 years of Buddhist studies discerns them into approximately 4 to 5 techniques.


Shamatha is one of them and we will look at this technique too during our 6 week meditation course for beginners. Shamatha helps us to develop concentration and focus.


We constantly need focus and concentration; in traffic, at the office or dealing with day to day matters. Focus and concentration is not about ignoring what’s going on around you; it’s truly about discerning all the different things that happen so you can choose what to give your attention, how and when. It makes life a lot easier and it saves time!

Here is just a little exercise:

With Christmas coming closer and people lighting candles in the house.. just give yourself permission to stare at a candle for only 5 minutes. But, only just stare at the candle! When a thought comes up in your head, let it go and return to the candle. The Christmas gift list or what’s for dinner can wait for 5 minutes. Only focus your attention on the flickering light.

How did it go? A lot of people nowadays have a hard time concentrating for a few minutes. They have what the buddhists call: the monkey mind. In stead of focussing on one single thing – the flame in this exercise – their minds wander of all the time like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. Having a calm mind and sharp focus makes life so much easier!


Join our 6 week beginners course on meditation. Next week we will send you another email explaining another meditation technique. We love sharing!

Course details:


Classes will be given in English, every week for 6 weeks on Thursday night.

– class is approx 60 minutes starting at 20.00

– max 8 persons

– costs 12.000 for course

– tutor: Edwin (and Tinna every other week)

Tinna Maria og Edwin