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Hugleiðslu og þróunar hópar fyrir karlmenn

Wednesday, 28. January 2015

23.febrúar förum við af stað með hugleiðslu og þróunarhópa fyrir karlmenn! Hvert námskeið/önn er 8 skipti þarsem hist er 2x í mánuði eða aðra hvora viku. Kennarinn er Edwin okkar og fer öll kennsla fram á ensku. Hér kemur meira um námskeiðið :)

In February we will start a men’s-only meditation. A 4 month program focussing on Buddhist meditation techniques. Attention will also be given to what sensitivity is and how to make that work in day-to-day life.

Man often have to deal with different causes of stress and also express themselves differently than woman. Understanding sensitivity and becoming more aware how stress can get a hold on the body, will help to stay calm and centered in situations that would have caused stress before. The course aims at empowering man to be more centered in themselves.

Meditation techniques we will cover:
+ Vipassana awareness of body and surroundings (Mindfulness)
+ Shamatha better focus and improve concentration
+ Metta activating passion and the power of the heart

We will do different kind of exercises giving you:
+ a better understanding of the power of the breath
+ body awareness
+ increased balance and inner peace
+ a way to tap into your creative power

There will be room for questions and discussions.

NOTE: course will be in English!

The course will be lead by Edwin van der Hoeven – http://inallweare.com/

Costs 22.000 isk – for 4 months – max 8 persons per group.
Monday nights – starting at 20.00 – duration +/- 80 minutes.

This includes a weekly email with tips and exercises!

More information: call Edwin 788 3405