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Hugleiðslu og þróunar hópar fyrir karlmenn

Wednesday, 28. January 2015

23.febrúar förum við af stað með hugleiðslu og þróunarhópa fyrir karlmenn! Hvert námskeið/önn er 8 skipti þarsem hist er 2x í mánuði eða aðra hvora viku. Kennarinn er Edwin okkar og fer öll kennsla fram á ensku. Hér kemur meira um námskeiðið :)

In February we will start a men’s-only meditation. A 4 month program focussing on Buddhist meditation techniques. Attention will also be given to what sensitivity is and how to make that work in day-to-day life.

Man often have to deal with different causes of stress and also express themselves differently than woman. Understanding sensitivity and becoming more aware how stress can get a hold on the body, will help to stay calm and centered in situations that would have caused stress before. The course aims at empowering man to be more centered in themselves.

Meditation techniques we will cover:
+ Vipassana awareness of body and surroundings (Mindfulness)
+ Shamatha better focus and improve concentration
+ Metta activating passion and the power of the heart

We will do different kind of exercises giving you:
+ a better understanding of the power of the breath
+ body awareness
+ increased balance and inner peace
+ a way to tap into your creative power

There will be room for questions and discussions.

NOTE: course will be in English!

The course will be lead by Edwin van der Hoeven – http://inallweare.com/

Costs 22.000 isk – for 4 months – max 8 persons per group.
Monday nights – starting at 20.00 – duration +/- 80 minutes.

This includes a weekly email with tips and exercises!

More information: call Edwin 788 3405

Vertu besta útgáfan af sjálfri/sjálfum þér!

Monday, 5. January 2015

Gleðilegt nýtt ár kæru vinir! Við óskum ykkur gleði, friðar og góðri heilsu á nýju ári

Hér kemur smá pistill frá Edwin í tengslum við hugleiðslu og áhrif hennar á okkur sjálf.
Hugleiðslu námskeið fyrir byrjendur byrjar svo hjá okkur 15.janúar nk.


I love going to the gym for a good workout and one of the things I’ve noticed by the years is the peak of visitors in January. It doesn’t last long though, a month or two maybe and it’s all back to normal again. A new year is always a great momentum to ‘change’ ourselves.. as long as it lasts.

What makes people give up?

My personal experience is, that it comes down to trust! I found out at some point, that I could not make an agreement with myself. I told myself for instance to stop smoking and I did..… not! Using meditation I contemplated on this and found out; I could not trust myself for making an agreement with myself.

But, you can’t be trusted with one thing, and not with another thing. When you find a root cause to a problem, it most of the times is a pattern affecting many parts of your life. So I did two things: one – I made a contract with myself writing down what I wanted to do and what not and two – I dedicated time to find out why I could not trust myself and how that affected my life. Since then I no longer smoke!

Now this is a very empowering situation, because trust is a fundamental element to survive in this world. And it helped me to achieve great things in life! So what has meditation got to do with this? Meditation helps you to be mindful and aware of who you truly are. Using certain meditation techniques you can learn to ‘talk’ to yourself and ask your inner wisdom to guide you. You are the best person to help you! You only need to know how to get yourself in that state of mind; honestly listening to what your soul has to tell you.

So what is holding you back? Join our 6 weeks beginners class on meditation where we will spend some time doing exercises to help you discover why and what is holding you back from being…. mmm…. may I say AMAZING!

###### course details ######
Class will be in English and each course will have 6 classes, every Thursday at 20:00 for 6 weeks. We begin on january 15th :)
– total time per class is approx 60 minutes
– max 8 persons (3 spots available now but we are taking registrations for the next course)
– costs 12.000 for course
– tutor: Edwin (Tinna joins every other week)